Wednesday, June 22, 2016

While Swimming With The Fishes

Righteously Dividing The Enemy

     Seen to be seeing our sons, young males as those swimming with the fishes and loving it, mocking the death and dying of young males on the map 05/27/2016, all with my eldest son dreaming something similar regarding parents, it all mean a greater deluge is coming.

The Death Angel, A Sharp Syringe

     In this dream of 03/27/2009, I witness how myriads in the country were sitting anxiously in front of their TV sets awaiting and participating good to horrible news. I imagined it was like a scene similar to the Cuban Missile crisis and the entire country, make that the world nervously anticipating a war between America and Russia. Although just as soon as the worse news broke I saw readied, alert and now fleeing for their lives, for their children lives of stampeding Americans. I saw those slacking behind were come upon by a death angel in the land who laid them back as to jammed a sharp, sword-like syringe into their chest, their heart. I saw after this deadly execution how Americans end up as nothing more than a brown, magnetic manner of memorabilia one is to hang on the refrigerator, beware, Apb

Jesus Come Knocking                                            

Fret Not Thyself, Trust Delight Commit, The Coming Death Rider 1994

June 22, Minister Caden 7th Birthday, The Daily Bread, Jimmy Swaggart

     Thou carriest them away as with a flood, they are as a sleep; in the morning, they are as grass that groweth up. In the morning it flourisheth, and groweth up; in the evening it is cut down, and withereth. (Psa. 90:5, 6)

     -Life is fragile. We hear this quite frequently. It is spoken by Christians and non-Christians  because it is true for all men. As soon as we are born, tender and new though we are, we actually begin to die. Each day we live, bring us that much closer to death. Now I realize that may sound morbid, but it is the truth. We are each like a shadow that is soon swept away when the light of life fades.
     -Think of the billions of people who have lived before us, but who are no longer exist-at least, not in the realm which we know as life.. We are continually gliding down the unrelenting stream of time into the ocean of eternity. God carries man away as a flood would a leaf. Sometimes the waters of the flood seem to rush forward violently; and we are carried away with suddenness.
     -Life is not only fragile, but dreamlike, {see Americans Dreaming, even Pretending, Apb}. Generally we don’t see our frailty or nearness to eternity unless a life threatening situation arises. Like men asleep we dream great things, (united, man can have all that he dream, Elohim, Apb}. For ourselves unto death awakens us and put an end to the dream. While we asleep, unconcern about the things that belong to our eternal peace, our allotted time runs out.
     -In additional to being fragile and dreamlike, life is short and transient. We are like the grass that, in it’s prime, is green and flourishing. But grass is tender and subject to the forces of nature. When the winter comes, the grass loses it’s greenness and withers away. Even in the spring and summer , when the grass is yet green, it may be cut own. {Doing the death rider vision, 1994, as a blessed assurance, Fret Not Thyself, I was given Psa. 37:1-6, the comparing of the rebellious, even the wicked to the soon to be cut down, withering daily of the grass,1994, Apb}.
     -But do not be discouraged! The Christian may face the sweeping flood, but its currents will carry us straight into the presence of God. Paul how probably has a better understanding of God’s plan than any other human being , said this: “Therefore  we are always confident, knowing that, while we are at home in the body, we are absent from the Lord…We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord”(II Cor. 5:6, 8).          
     -So, although human life is short, those whose heart are right with God, have the comfort of knowing that Jesus has prepared a place for them in His father’s house (John 14:2), JSM 

Apostle’s Note

    -That while we’re planning to live, life is planning and plotting to kill us, Jesus the only worthy, so who is the shepherd of your death and dying? See Psalm 22 and 23, Apb, The RAM

Don't Be Deceived                                                                            

     The most important articles, Obama’s America, Cameron’s UK, Hollande's France, Netanyahu's Israel, Assad’s Syria, Putin’s Russia, the implosion of the U.S. Economy and a voice crying aloud, “don’t touch Geneva,” or “it’s a hit, cities a hit, Guam, just did it.“ Truly, all these prophetic roads lead to the finale of the Prophet's Daniel's week of years/Jacob’s Troubles, 2017-2024 and Jesus' Millennium immediate to follow, 2024 unto a thousand years, see more here, and    

Thursday, June 2, 2016

And Thou Shalt Be Called Married

Righteously Dividing The Enemy

 Breakage, The Rainbow Covenant                                              

 The Sacrifice of the wicked are an abomination to God, Prob. 21:27, see Cain

 The Sacrifices of God are a broken spirit, a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou will not despise, see Ps. 51, see Abel

 Prophecy Links

     -Seen to be seeing our daughters in love with and glamorizing nudity, more and more the acceptance of nudity on the map 05/25/2016

     -Seen to be seeing our sons, young males as those swimming with the fishes and loving it, mocking the death and dying of young males on the map 05/27/2016

-I Will Cast You Into A Bed and Thy Lovers Into Great Tribulation Except Ye Repent!

      -Stop it, there is no debate here, God did not create a same-sex nor a bisexual creature, the man God created is married unto a divine procreation, either to a naturally born opposite or to the Cross of Jesus, this second, last Adam, Elohim lovingly further had for him. For his blood redemption, as so the second death (HELL), wouldn’t have any power over him, anything else, Pope, President, Apostate Angels and Pulpits are all accursed. Meaning it has and will cause millions their immortal souls and I’m not referring to those who don’t know. All they know, for 6000 years since the Genesis they’ve known, light (Revelation) hath come said Jesus. 

     -For they being ignorant, (rebellious) of Gods righteousness (Woman Seed, Jesus), and going about to establish their own righteousness, (Satan's Seat, Mass Assembly, Politics),  haven't submitted themselves to the righteousness (Christ, Jesus) of God, see Rom. 10:3
     -There’s just this refusal to make the sacrifices, that’s pounding self and self-seeking, their evil hearts into the dust, whose fan is in His, Jesus' Hand, that they’re to be as His Righteous Christ. So stop being deceived, stop deceiving yourselves and furthermore, especially stop deceiving others, I listen to this video of a young man who dreamed of being in the final judgment. How he watched line upon line of people be cast horribly into hell’s fire, though just before these horrid screams of theirs, God would show them images portraying fully and unmistakably their offenses.
     -It’s this one young lady, how her judgment was about a post she made on Facebook, one that lead some 300,000 people astray, meaning to the damn. The lesson from her damned lesson, be careful what you believe, be even more careful what you expound upon others of this falsification; this imitation of life and immortality, which is nothing but these devils to demons thievery of the human being continuance, the Authentic Jihad fought and won by, at Christ's Bloody Cross, awake, be very aware, even as God, Himself, Apb, The RAM   see more here,,

Friday, May 20, 2016

And God Begot Adam, Eve and The Woman Seed

Righteously Dividing The Enemy

Breakage, The Rainbow Covenant

Tribulation Saints (rebellious, Apostate church), Left Behind, See Here

     Je'suis (I am, We Are) Jesus Christ, for instance, the dream of the loan of the artificial leopard skin coat that mesmerizes into indescribable distraction everyone, making its contact, oddly. Well, it climaxes along this elaborate lost and found scenario of a bed and bath scene, again as per this article and others like it. Of said major distract during which Jesus come in unnoticeably and snatch out the Righteous Bride from among them, the deadliest family feud ever, His Blood, Her/Their Faithfulness causing them to be Worthy.

     -Sincerely, I never understood until now, why this mystery along a full bed and empty bath demonstration, except from who's window I could easily investigate people stranded on the rooftops. Truly as those as present escaping massive flooding regarding the breaking of the Rainbow Covenant, now as those sorely left behind, all having heart, to mind, to soul, distractors on. Awake! be aware as God, Himself, Apb, The RAM, see here www.donotthatemarriage15.blogspot.

The Sacrifice of the wicked are an abomination to God, Prob. 21:27, see Cain

The Sacrifices of God are a broken spirit, a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou will not despise, see Ps. 51, see Abel

Prophecy Links

A Voice Declaring: “The Antichrist will kill millions, see beast worship, especially that beginning with the US Supreme Court Vote, regarding same sex marriage
A Voice Declaring: God said, he will kill millions, see the proposed for the ancient wine press of god, the length of horses’ bridles, meaning 175 miles of blood

     What did I see? I saw the Bride, 02/14/2015, I saw that she was in possession of the stone made without hands, I saw further that it had the surface of a meteor, that when the Bride released it, I heard a voice lament, and I quote “this is the antichrist murderer.” Evenly of that crying aloud, sparing not how a seeming to part ways America and Britain are to be instead separated into itty, bitty pieces, see the toes on Nebuchadnezzar’s image, see Dan. 2:3-49.  Manifestly and without further delay nothing of world nations crafted by this indescribable for centuries blood bath, the defeat of which heavens host are celebrating behind the seventh angel, our wicked example for thousands of years, Rev. 11, will remain, at God's Kingdom, by Jesus' Millennium, ...Reign, got Jesus yet?

A Vain Thing, A Disillusioned Imagination, Ps. 2
Giving Over To The Anti-Christ, Rev. 17

The Adam, Eve And Woman Seed In All Of Us

     -Faithfully you have to look at it like this, Adam, represent the only authentic god man, Elohim hath made, that’s from the red earth, breath into him the breathe of life and he became a living soul/spirit. Therefore this would mean Eve, crafted miraculously from him, she is the only genuine woman seed Elohim hath made. That when you read about the Angel Gabriel, finding a teenage Mary, describing how in her womb alone, that’s by the Holy Spirit. As so Mother’s Eve’s womb in her, the woman seed fulfilled, Elohim would again, this time by flesh and blood, ordain and grow this world Trustworthy Savior, now come into this world, it’s fullness of time.
     -In all reality this was actually Elohim explaining to Lucifer and Eve, now fallen, how through an enmity between the two, he would make of Himself flesh, and restore what the first God man, the first Adam had lost. Now a last, final Adam, Jesus, again, Elohim made flesh, tempted at all points as man, meaning pure blood, and Holy Spirit. Heretofore choosing to live above sin, that Elohim, nor man’s one blood redemption would be offended (forfeited).  Cleverly, all the more proving Lucifer this murderer from the beginning, who abode not in the truth and all human beings who carry themselves this evil, even this abominable God cannot accept, get ye to Jesus, only His Blood washes clean all who hath sin, Repent! listen here,
     -Obviously, Mother Eve wasn't born, though like her Husband Adam she was created, mind-bogglingly and heart grippingly by Elohim taking her from him, He ordain them one of another's kind.  Successfully, that’s one of another’s blood and flesh, meaning, one is totally incomplete, fruitless, unsubstantiated without the other.  Their hearts, (love affair) lives, treasures separated this dwindling wilderness into a chaotic existence, this adulterer torn from the branch of life and living who hath them both, Elohim. Now for this cause a man is to forsake mother and father and cleave to His own wife and there they shall become a continuous procreation of this God/man. Herein, this is the realistic marriage of reproduction Elohim spoke, formed and breathed into Adam, now this Eve, now this blessed Woman Seed, Jesus.
     -This is why same sex marriage, this impossible feat is so heart breaking for Elohim, as this immeasurable abomination against nature. This from the Genesis damned replica of the god man Elohim hath for them, sadly is that now sowing and reaping indiscriminately this mutate manner of cannibalism, of deadly infighting. Evidently right into the incriminatory and corruption of divine scripture, all wickedness efforts to tear the god man from Elohim saving breast, even the rescue of His Healing Wings, this Living Water (Blood) and Replenishing Bread (Flesh), this Christ Lord constantly after them. All the more remarkably, this impenetrable armor of standing and dying upon His promises and prophecies, not even hell can penetrate, such this loyalty to Jesus the Christ.
     -You ask still, what does Jesus have to say about it? To be prophetic, there’s a triple judgment, that’s punishment aimed at sexual promiscuity and all in its bed refusing to repent.  First of all, a cast upon them sickbed, Jesus once healed a man who’d had a sickbed for some 38 years, and instructed him to repent, meaning even when he cried to die, death fled away from him. Secondly, there’s the punishment of casting them into great tribulation, truly the worse ever or ever again of natural disasters, of the heavenly body raining down upon the earth. That's of biblical proportion plagues, of demons being released and wars into Armageddon, seeing millions to billions die, then there’s the reign of the antichrist. Thirdly, the killing of the unrepentant children, possibly in case they’re or to prevent from being as apostate, as tarnished at the heart, flesh and soul as their wicked parents and guardians.
     -Where is God you yet ask? Undoubtedly you mean the one I witness sobbing uncontrollably behind a silence in heaven that His People were being stripped of Jesus Christ. Elohim is readying this proposed forever Wine Press, the length of the horses bridle, properly calculated, we’re talking some 175 miles of reaped rebellious blood, this horrid something I feel He’s been so long suffering about these, what? Six thousands years since the Genesis, the Adam and the Woman Seed, of not wanting any god man to perish as this, having loved them from the beginning.

     -Howbeit, once shown the fifth seal and what was behind it, John described seeing these saints under the throne, that they were all lamenting “how long O Lord Holy and True, doesth thou not avenge our blood upon the inhabitants of the earth?" Such the blood cry all over this planet, yet proof this judgment isn’t about the Righteous Bride, but what is now Mystery Babylon, also from the beginning, its greatest rebellion and delusions ever, that they’re to war and defeat Elohim and His Anointed, this prophesied forever, heavenly victory, even celebration over all of them, now defeated, get ye to Jesus, repent, awake! Be aware as God, Himself, Apb, The RAM see more here,

     Awake! Be aware as God, Himself, Apb, The RAM

Thursday, May 19, 2016

A Vain Thing, A Disillusioned Imagination

Righteously Dividing The Enemy
Breakage, The Rainbow Covenant
Tribulation Saints (rebellious, Apostate church), Left Behind, See Here

     Je'suis (I am, We Are) Jesus Christ, while laying in bed the other night, tears triggering along both cheeks, my ears, my neck, even into my breast and the stunning lyrics to the song, “we exalt thee," playing reputably in my head. I shared a dream the last of  Abib (April), from which I awaken, where in the dream I’d been in the midst of names from the book of life being summoned; a manner of divine roll call I guess and each time that name of recognition would rise from those ancient pages and float and drift so miraculously away. So when I awaken from this gloriousness, the lyrics to this song has been playing in my head every since.
     -Did I tell you? A few weeks back, Holy Spirits moved the moon, that it would act as a Lamp Light for me, my room, see I got this old genie lamp from an estate sale, that’s been shorting out. This night I couldn’t get it to work for nothing, woke up about 3 am, I remember the time, because Jimmy Swaggart classic as every night, at this hour was coming on. As I described, there’s a light, like a lamp shinning from the heavens right onto the pillow beside me, yes, this inconceivable. As yet, all this reminder why the moon was given in the Genesis and proof God indeed has a personal relationship with His Anointed, thus, woe to any transgressor. see more here,

The Sacrifice of the wicked are an abomination to God, Prob. 21:27, see Cain

The Sacrifices of God are a broken spirit, a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou will not despise, see Ps. 51, see Abel

Prophecy Links

     I was just now saying, if we're this close to the fulfillment of Daniel's final week, then the Bride is running out of reasons for being here, which then explain, Gabriel 2004, describing this generation as the one, and Holy Spirit, 2012, reassurance the Bride now heaven bound assignment, and I quote, “soon the Church Bride could be in heaven, looking down upon and praying for the Tribulation Saints as the Antichrist is given power to overcome them,” as so much recent as 02/17/2015, Holy Spirits, saying, actually communicating by several visual text messages and I quote, "Jesus is coming, Jesus is on the way." Beware, Apb

A Vain Thing, A Disillusioned Imagination
Giving Over To The Anti-Christ, Rev. 17

     -It would seem every time we start bragging about killing their leaders, our planes start falling and disappearing from the sky, and everybody get into a frizzy of why? It would be so wise to stop thinking overt terrorist have no power, not having a heart give them this ultimate authority over all of those on this planet who do. Actually, you can say it’s Satan’s ability to bruise Jesus’ heel, while those who’re in love, who give all. That's forgive even those counted as their enemy, would have, is and will lay down their lives for them, that this is Jesus ability to bruise Satan’s head, this wicked seat seen visibly even now reigning exceedingly in mass assembly all around.

     -My Christ in heaven, President Bush has been cutting off the heads of apparent to them terrorist leaders since 2003, that while they were hunting down a supposedly greatest evil of them all, Saddam Hussein. This, their curse, their inability to not comprehend their own corrupt godlike reflection in the mirror, and repent, interestingly, Holy Spirits were putting a Barack Hussein in the White House. Henceforward crafting him the most powerful US President and although now crazed, even rabid, he is this world’s leader, as I, this Apostle of Resurrection, prophesied in 2003. Admit tingly, and though it wasn’t the first time, nor, the last, even now, all called me insane; even had a pastor thought the same, 1998, when I explained America was going into wars again, but no I’m not crazy, just saying, prophetically.

     -Unimaginably, but this is their world as well, their temporal foundation by which to build as they ought, take Ismail and Isaac as this example, they were both Abraham’s Sons, Elohim made unto them both, a covenant. Accordingly, Americans, we’ll call them the Leopards, who have taken man and by his imagination, this supposedly unreachable dream, and done nothing but embezzle, massacre and devastate. That's to gain, maintain and retain, nothing but this figment unto inspiration, but millions are dead, dying and counting all because of it. Now unto this supposedly axis of evil, we’ll called them the Ethiopians, they take hold of this identical world, even that holocaust Americans dreaming hath for them, that’s for all mankind. Just as soon they too create their form of religion, of belief and has done nothing, but bargain, exterminate and devastate, all who rise up this incredulity of their ingenuity.

     -Now you may ask why is that, that both administrations, one democratic and the other terrorist, that'd of taking over the world, relentlessly felled, and now for thousands or years? To be true, Holy Scripture has it, that without shedding of blood is no remission, is no genuine charity, which is why Jesus shed His Blood this authentic transformation. remarkably unto this divine amendment, meaning without Christ’s Cross, mankind’s blood redemption, then cursed from Genesis, all such death, dying and even hell is simply righteous judgment to righteous damnation that remain.     ...he that beliveth not is condemn already..  Jesus...  the original curse remain...

        -That it doesn’t matter who you think you are or what planet you think you’re on, this is the law of righteousness from the foundation of the world, there is only One, and Elohim hath It, even formed Himself Pure Flesh to seal it in Righteous Blood. Heretofore, not even the gates of hell, that’s powerful enough to one day imprison, judge and punish that old Dragon bringing along a third of the stars into his damn mutiny, how even it can’t prevail against this Mystery of Godliness, thus all unbelievers are transgressors, and yet cursed. So if you’re thinking all death, plunder and manslaughter should’ve been halted at Christ’ Cross then you’re right, though only possible as all mankind accept and live their lives, their heart and their treasures all by His Cross, thought improbable, even this undisputable mission impossible, regardless, His Believing Bride hath His Reign.

     -A biblical truth ministered on earth these 2000 years beyond Christ immeasurable sacrifice, all to be realized per His Millennium set to follow the Obama administration. So if you by now, haven’t by a Hussein White House, unto this abominable Supreme Court Vote, and populous Catholic Pope allying, all to oust Christ Jesus.  Pretty much the prophet Ezekiel witnessing God’s Glory leave the temple, Eze. 1., as so that of this apostle 1986, witnessing God craft His Throne to sit with His back into it, them, you all except they, you repent they're damn, and their children, all cast into a sickbed, unable to wish for death with it, again, except they all repent, “Our God In Heaven I, we Have sinned against you.” 

     -As so by these unthinkable exploits to profoundly infect the education centers with their greatest of whoredom, unto targeting all assembly. Honestly, if you can’t see this evil as that gone beyond Satan’s seat, these doctrines of demons, that millions in religious assembly by their converted and debauched lifestyles are showing themselves anti Genesis and therefore anti God/Christ, then you have surrounded yourself with every evil work and have lost your head and heart to it, this is how Jude vs. 12, said it, the last book before Christ's Revelations, as though He’s to say this is it, repent, repent, repent, Jesus. Now Jude, “these are spots in your feasts of charity, when they feast with you, feeding themselves without fear: clouds they are without water, carried about of winds; trees whose fruit wither, without fruit, twice dead, plucked up by the roots, now, get ye to Jesus.

     -How many planes have fallen out of the sky lately, big or small, military or private, ISIS fault or not since P. M. Cameron ordered ISIS leaders targeted and killed in Syria. Squarely since Russia went over there and did the same thing, since US allies are doing it all again, as though these people have no authority. Just as I witness a pale horse judgment reign on American soil by 2017, the fourth seal, it, they have the authority of bible prophecy, it’s that power enforcing it, them, entailing, it is as sown in the earth as the soil itself.  For an example, in 1998, Holy Spirits by a scripture out of Jeremiah 37:8 forewarn of an approaching enemy.

     -Just this relentless, this victorious despite how greatly war is made against them. This enemy would come, they would rape, they would pillage they would burn our cities, they would come, they would rape, they would pillage, they would burn our cities. One Us General saw it all as a buildup of torture vehicles as far as the eyes could see, this dirty Mede. As yet another, having eyes to see, saw it as a fulfillment of the prophets and promises and surrendered his warring resistance accordingly. I, this end time apostle saw it as men of this inconceivable crusade being handsomely awarded diamond wedding ring toward their efforts against the West, that’s all where westernized civilization is being practice, this forever their target.

     -As is prophesied in Daniel 9, there is going to have to be a coming together of all leaders on this planet friend, foe, backbiters, into great enemies, etc. and they all are going to have to devise a plan, so all on this planet can live, this peaceful existence, so called. They will have to put down its primary overseer, all possessed with baptizing it into antichrist, all the better, even its wicked Pope, for Ancient Rome, had to fall unto better innovations than themselves. I’ve seen this, but so have many prophets gone before me, and millions of innocent people, men, women and children, until all is come to an agreement reigning in world peace, they will all the more suffer and they will all the more die, and that’s horribly as so as right now.  Though, fret not, for when Revelations 18th  chapter speaks of the fall of Mystery Babylon, and those called by God’s name, are to come out of it, it is first describing the fall of western civilization, (now 2001-2017). 
     -Unmistakably, the religious world gone sorely apostate sanctuary, so what appear to be, or seem insane is only what biblical prophecy is saying, has said, and that’s since the announcement of the woman seed. Amazingly, Jesus knew and explain, His Kingdom wasn’t of this world, as so the disciples, apostles and easily the early church, as so the ascending Bride at present, all hath this Kingdom with God, now coming.  Don’t be deceived, man can only reaped out of Damater's soil and human blood but that they sow, for now that has been rivers, oceans and seas of blood. All of which have a voice, crying up to God that He take His Vengeance as He has promised, that’s upon this earth’s habitants. Frightfully, as we’re all beginning to see, even prepped for the worse or not, none of us want to be here for this, the weeping/reaping of the Wine Press of God. Awake! That you be aware, that you be born again, that you know an apostle of Jesus Christ is among you, as to pluck Ambers from the burning, Apb, The RAM

I beheld the transgressor and was grieved because he kept not thy word Ps. 119:158

For Salvation Pray: I’m sorry Lord God, forgive me for my sins, wash me and cleanse me and then, by Jesus Christ receive me into thy glory again.

Listening To Kim Walker Smith: We Exalt Thee

Hurry Lord Christ, Prince Of Peace, and get us all the Victory

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